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Capacity Building of Higher Agricultural Education in Cambodia

Summary of activities:

The project aimed to improve the level of agricultural higher education in Cambodia through cooperation between experts from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) and the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA). The project builds on the very good cooperation between the two universities in European projects Erasmus Mundus which the Faculty of Tropical AgriSceinces (FTA) coordinates. Cooperation between CULS and RUA takes place primarily on the four selected faculties: (i) Agricultural Technology and Management (ii) Fisheries (iii) Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and (iv) Agro-Industry.

In 2014 there was conducted theoretical and practical training of students at RUA in three teaching blocks aimed at identifying fish - aquaculture, fish genetic analysis, solar drying and international trade. At the same time there were held special consultations with local students, conducted data collection for theses and dissertations thesis by the Czech students and joint scientific publications.

In August 2014, there was organized two-weeks Summer School titled "From net to spoon", which was attended by teachers and students from Cambodia and the Czech Republic. Summer School was focused on fishing, fish farming, processing and marketing in the agricultural sector.

In October, there was held the seminar focused on teaching quality evaluation system in which the process was designed to introduce this evaluation RUA.

In mid-November had taken place jointly organized events "Agricultural Fair" and "Carrier Days" where students had RUA opportunity to meet with local representatives of agribusiness and potential employers. At the same time there were presented agricultural products designed and manufactured by students RUA.

In late November, it was organized a Film festival focusing on agricultural themes. The individual films were always organized together with panel discussion with students from RUA. The festival was attended by 698 students.

In the area of internationalization were submitted two projects Erasmus Mundus, the project ASK Asia was accepted. The project is led by FTA / CULS and RUA is its partner.

The outputs of the project were presented at an international conference Tropentag organized in September 2014 at CULS and at the international workshop "The Joint Workshop on Academic Recognition and Credit Transfer", which was held in Siem Reap in Cambodia. Furthermore, in a scientific journal published a joint article Development of Solar Drying Model for Selected Cambodian Fish Species.

In the area of international activities, we have managed to get a new project Erasmus Mundus called ALFABET that CULS coordinates and RUA is an active partner. The project focuses on student and teacher mobility between partner universities in Europe and Asia.

Cooperation between the partners proceeded at a very good level, actively continues to progress in European projects ASK Asia and ALFABET. Both sides expressed keen interest in further

bilateral cooperation in the coming years.

2012 | CULS-ITS Prague