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Establishment of the Centre of Agricultural Education in the Bié Province

Target Country:

Republic of Angola

Project Coordinator:

Bohumil Havrland

Project Team:

Petr Holecek, Petra Holikova, Michael Spicka, Santos Victor Ferreira, Jiri Hejkrlik, Jana Mazancova, Mirka Jopkova

Partner(s) of the Project:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Angola, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Angola, Government of the Bié Province


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2003 - 2005


Aim of the Project:

To establish agricultural education and develop training and extension services for local farmers in the central province of Angola. The Bié province is one of the provinces most affected by four-decades-long Angolan civil war, which terminated in 2002.
After the final examination the graduates will be the first technical experts educated in the province which, until the establishment of the Center, has lacked any secondary agricultural education.
Therefore, the establishment of the Center aims to contribute to the improvement of the Angolan education system and to the resolution of socio-demographic problems, i.e. depopulation and the consequent decline of this region whose natural predispositions for agricultural production are unique.

Outputs of the Project:

Classes for local students, for first hunderd students opened in March 2004
Preparation and publication of study materials and textbooks for Czech and Angolan teachers
Organization and publication of the school journal with students‘ participation
Establishment of chemical laboratory, computer classroom and school library
Practical training of students on the adjacent grounds
Construction of poultry house for the establishment of poultry breed
Organization of seminars and practical training in poultry production for students and local farmers
Fishery production research in the province, including collection and preservation of fish symplex



Bohumil Havrland




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