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Support for improving the quality of scientific research, teaching and international activities at universities in Cambodia

Project activities:

Agriculture plays a key role in the Cambodian economy representing more than a third of the country annual GDP. Education and "capacity building" belong to the priorities of the Cambodian government, as mentioned in the National Programme. The proposed project builds on the already implemented cooperation activities during the years 2012-2014 and is based on experience with local conditions and at the same time is consistent with the priorities of local governments.

The project aims to improve the quality of agricultural higher education in Cambodia through cooperation between experts from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) and Cambodian universities the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) and the Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear (CSUK). RUA belongs to the leading universities in Cambodia and plays a unique role in educating students in the field of agriculture and natural resources management in the country. CSUK is agriculturally oriented university focused primarily on students coming from rural areas. This university has no experience with international cooperation, however, is interested in supporting development activities aimed at increasing the quality of teaching, research and international activities.

The main outcomes of the running project include supporting the development of science and research, employability of students/alumni and international relations of the two universities. Target groups are primarily teaching staff, scientists and technical staff, students and graduates of Cambodian universities, while some of the activities are involved representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations in Cambodia. The project builds on the excellent cooperation among universities within European projects Erasmus Mundus ALFABET (www.alfabet-em.cz) and ASK Asia (askasia.culs-prague.eu), which are coordinated by CULS.

In the context of improving research activities are provided training seminars led by Czech experts prepared learning materials, reviewed the proposed evaluation system of teaching, organized Career Days, Summer School and Film Festival for students. In the field of science and research main emphasis is put on the implementation of joint research topics and to increase the quality of their scientific activity RUA and CSUK using a scientific platform for identifying priority areas of research with the proposal of specific topics. In the area of foreign relations, attention is focused mainly to promote the mobility of students and teachers from both universities. There are three main outputs with following activities:

Output 1.1 Improved scientific research activities

Activity 1.1.1 Analysis of research activities on CSUK

Activity 1.1.2 Workshop "scientific publications" on RUA and CSUK including the preparation of methodological guides

Activity 1.1.3 Creating a scientific platform for creating publication output and its continuous updating

Activity 1.1.4 Implementation of common research themes

Activity 1.1.5 Identification and provision of suitable equipment to support the development of universities and research teams

Output 1.2 Support of students / graduates at RUA and CSUK

Activity 1.2.1 Evaluation of the established system of evaluation of teaching at RUA

Activity 1.2.2 Establishment of a system of evaluation of teaching at CSUK according to the experience of the CULS and RUA

Activity 1.2.3 Arrangement career days - workshop with government, non-governmental and commercial organizations and their transmission

Activity 1.2.4 Organization of training "Operations-Key to Personal Empowerment, Success and Leadership" for students and teachers, and evaluation of its benefits

Output 1.3 Internationalization at RUA and CSUK

Activity 1.3.1 Organization of the Summer School "From net to spoon" and preparing for its transmission

Activity 1.3.2 Strengthening the international mobility of students and teachers

Activity 1.3.3 Organization of the film festival on the agricultural theme and panel discussion

Activity 1.3.4 Promotion of ODA in the Czech Republic and Cambodia

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