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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Delivery of Pregnant Heifers
The project aim is meeting requirements of the public order which is delivery of pregnant heifers, Czech multicoloured cattle race to partner organizations which represent small-scale peasants in South-East Bosnia ... <-- more

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Improving the Quality of Teaching at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology at the University of Mostar and Agromediterranean Faculty of University Djemal Bijedić in Mostar
The project will help to reduce currently marginalized higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as improve the quality of education in areas of agriculture and food industry through knowledge transfer, exchange of students and teachers ... <-- more

Establishment of Agor-service Center in Martivili, Region Samegrelo
The aim of the project was establishment of the Martvili Agro-service Center (MASC) in Martvili district, provide financial funds for its one-year operation, train its management and training staff ... <-- more

Improvement of education quality at State University Akaki Tsereteli
The project contributes to fulfilling of the current gap in the Georgian tertiary education in the sector of development of cooperatives and small and medium agricultural enterprises, which is the priority of new Georgian Government as well as of international donors ... <-- more

Improving the quality of teaching at the Akaki Tsereli State University
The project contributes to fulfilling of the current gap in the Georgian tertiary education in the sector of development of agricultural cooperatives and small and medium agricultural enterprises, which is the priority of new Georgian Government as well as of international donors through know-how transfer between CULS Prague... <-- more

Support of effective cooperatives management in Imereti region, Georgia
The project addresses actual needs of agricultural development in rural areas of Georgia. Farmers are often reluctant to work together using traditional techniques and keeping stereotypes for generations. Poor management of production and marketing with local commodities ... <-- more

ENPARD Georgia: Enhancing Small Farmers’ Cooperation and Productivity in Imereti Region
The main objective of the project is the reduction of rural poverty in Imereti. Via the development of business-oriented small farmers’ and rural entrepreneur groups and by support for a more favourable agribusiness environment, the project supports Imereti farmers to achieve economies of scale ... <-- more

Kyrgyzstan Sustainable Rural Development in Leylek District
Overall intension of the project is to improve the living standard of families settled in Leylek district. The main project objective is to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural production in Kulundu valley ... <-- more

Support to the Study Programme Development at the State Agrarian University of Moldova in Chisinau and Harmonization of its Educational System with EU Standards
Development of study programmes including formulation of new ones, harmonization of the education system with the EU one, introduction of new research and advisory activities ... <-- more

Moldova Support to the Rural Development - the Improvements of Management Qualifications and Advisory Capacities
Courses, workshops and excursions in the Czech Republic and Republic of Moldova to improve management and advisory qualifications. Establishment of an information system ... <-- more

Increasing competitive strength and efficiency of Moldovan small and medium-scale farmers through their orientation to high value crops growing at selected target groups in districts of Ungheni, Anenii Noi, Cahul
The project professionally promotes vegetable and fruit growing at six selected farmers groups (two farmer groups in each district), which are the project direct target groups. The cooperating vegetable and fruit growers are trained in progressive growing technologies ... <-- more

Missions of Czech Professors to Moldova – Support to Increasing Quality of Higher Eduction in Selected Developing Countries
The present project is focused on solution of low quality of Moldovan agricultural university education, which is closely linked to ... <-- more

Support to agriculttural cooperatives and coordination of the project Support of fruit and vegetable production with added market value in Moldova
The project focuses on giving support to selected agricultural cooperatives in Moldova. Above all, it will include technical assistance to help the effective operation of the selected cooperatives, strenghten their capacities through training sessions ... <-- more

Mongolia Identification of Animals in Central Region
The aim of the project is to assist Mongolian Ministry of Food and Agriculture in improvement of livestock production and health through new identification of food producing animalss ... <-- more

Mongolia Support of Vocational Agricultural Education in the Vocational Education and Training Center (VETC) in Darkhan
The project contributes to the solution of the problem of a lack of qualified, practical oriented, specialists in agriculture. Its aim lies in the capacity increasing and quality improving of the vocational agricultural education ... <-- more

Mongolia Livestock Identification System Implementation in Mongolia
Main aim of the project is to contribute to the agricultural and rural development of Mongolian countryside through the establishment of the system of electronic evidence of livestock ... <-- more

Mongolia Livestock Identification System Implementation in Mongolia - Delivery of the Equipment
The main aim of the project is the design and delivery of 100 000 ear tags and hand tools for livestock identification. The laser machine LASERdiode LD50C for local ear tag marking ... <-- more

Mongolia Quality of Education Improvements at the Mongolian State University of Agriculture
The project contributes to the improvement of quality of Mongolian higher education in the field of agricultural and rural development through the transfer of know-how between Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) and Mongolian State University ... <-- more

Improvement of the Quality of Drinking and Irrigation Water in the Aral Sea Region by Cleaning Equipment and Sorbents Produced in the Czech Republic
The focus was on the development of small water treatment facilities infrastructure in Uzbekistan with the aim of improving water management and environmental protection. During the project implementation the facility demonstration and consequent negotiations with potential local buyers and partners ... <-- more

Support of Harmonisation of Bologna Process of Agricultural Higher Institutions in Ukraine
The project contributes to improvement of quality management and education of Ukrainian agricultural universities according to the Bologna principles of European Higher Education depending on pilot activities at Sumy National University of Agriculture by sharing of know-how from the transformation of the Czech higher education system ... <-- more
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