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Enhancement of Quality and Extent of Extension Services of Angacha Woreda, Kembata Tembaro zone

Target Country:

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Project Coordinator:

Kristina Rusarova

Project Team:

Hidare Diriba Debar, Jana Mazancova, Sandra Najmanova, Veronika Jelinkova, Lenka Peskova, Stepan Marek, Jiri Hejkrlik

Partner(s) of the Project:

SNNPR Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, SNNPR Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Development, Hawassa University, woreda Agricultural and Rural Development Office


Official Development Assistance of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2011 - 2013


Aim of the Project:

To improve the efficiency of farmer training centers (FTC) and to provide agricultural extension services for local farmers for enhancement of agricultural practices in Angacha woreda.

Outputs of the Project:

Elaborated analysis of quality and extent of extension services in Kembata Tembaro zone.
Improved competences of development agents and farmers in Woreda Angacha (80 development agents trained, 100 farmers trained) in following topics: watershed management, water resources management, agricultural products storage and processing, animal breeding (especially goats and sheep) and beekeeping.
Five FTCs supported with demonstration plots establishment and distribution of agricultural tools, seeds, training room equipment and material relevant to training topics (beehives, water ponds, etc.).
Two demonstration breeding (hybridization of local and improved goat and sheep breeds) established.
One Processing centre of agricultural products established (hammer mill, trashing machines, solar dryer, oil pressing machine, enset pressures).
Three residences for development agents constructed.



Kristina Rusarova





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