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Identification of Animals in Central Region

Target Country:


Project Coordinator:

Daniela Lukesova

Project Team:

Batkhuu Enkhtuya, Vaclav Kouba, Jan Minar, Josef Holejsovsky, Alica Kocisova, Bohumil Havrland, Zayat Batsukh, Jiri Tomes, Zdenek Hanzalek, Josef Machac, Pavel Ramerth

Partner(s) of the Project:

Mongolian Ministry of Food and Agriculture


Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2007 - 2009


Aim of the Project:

To assist Mongolian Ministry of Food and Agriculture in improvement of livestock production and health through new identification of food producing animals in order:

Facilitation of the introduction of identification of food producing animals following European Union standard.
Facilitation of the export of food and other products of animal origin in European Union.
Facilitation of the movement and breeding control of food producing animals.
Facilitation of the monitoring of communicable diseases of food producing animals.

For this purpose the project will prepare and equip selected specialists from individual Central Region commons in ear-marking of cattle who will transfer their new knowledge and skill to others (multiplying effect).

Outputs of the Project:

Initiated identification of cattle in Central Region of Mongolia according to European Union standard.
Selected Mongolian specialists from individual somons trained in identification of animals by ear-marking.
Trainees of the project courses equipped by instruments for ear-marking.
Special manual in Mongolian language for ear-marking of food producing animals prepared for the project courses and for eventual use in the whole Mongolia.



Daniela Lukesova





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