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Establishment of Development and Extension Centre for Sustainable Agriculture in the Peruvian Amazonia

Target Country:

Republic of Peru

Project Coordinator:

Bohdan Lojka

Project Team:

Jana Lojková, Jan Banout, Zbyněk Polesný and others

Partner(s) of the Project:

Universidad Nacional de Ucayali; Universidad Nacionál de la Selva; Fuerza por la Selva Viva


Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2003 - 2006


Aim of the Project:

Establishment of local expertise and building of an extension centre for sustainable agricultural and agroforestry practices. The project will help to control extensive deforestation caused by traditional slashandburn farming. Project is based on participation of local stakeholders: farmers, communities, farmer organizations, NGO’s and University.

Outputs of the Project:

Establishemnt of extension and development centre CIDRA (Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo Rural Amazónico.
Establishment of agroforestry nursery for native fruit and timber trees.
Development of suitable agroforesty systems for small farmers as an alternative to slash-and-burn farming.
Establishment of demonstration plots and trials of improved agroforestry systems with the participation of local farmers.
Development and implementation of simple alternative methods for improvement of production of small farmers (solar drying, composting, fire prevention).
Support of marketing of local products and organic certification Capacity building.



Bohdan Lojka




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