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The Conservation and Breeding of the Western Giant Eland in Senegal

Target Country:

Republic of Senegal

Project Coordinator:

Petr H. Verner

Project Team:

Pavla Hejcmanova, Marketa Antoninova and others

Partner(s) of the Project:

Directorate of National Parks in Senegal


Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2000 - 2006


Aim of the Project:

The project aimed to participate in the Western Giant Eland conservation and breeding in Senegal, to support the wildlife conservation, to educate local people in the management of natural resources and, in consequence, to contribute to the rural development on periphery of national parks by promoting ecotourism.

Outputs of the Project:

An aerial survey of the Western Giant Eland in the Niokolo Koba National Park and Faleme region.
Proposal of a strategy of in-situ protection by fencing an area in the natural habitat of the antelope in the park.
Research of the antelope ecology in the park.
The site location, construction of water dams.
Organization of several workshops for local authorities and for Senegalese wildlife specialists.
Construction of a new guarding camp.
Connection with the Society for Protection of Environment and Wildlife in Senegal (SPEFS) - Bandia.
Reserve management which, in May 2000, started the breeding of the Western Giant Eland in captivity.
Support of antelope breeding in captivity, participation in research, identification of animals, and genetic management of the herd.
Construction of a special enclosure of 50 ha for Giant Eland breeding in the Fathala Reserve in the Delta du Saloum National Park.



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