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Improvement of the Quality of Drinking and Irrigation Water in the Aral Sea Region by Cleaning Equipment and Sorbents Produced in the Czech Republic

Target Country:

Republic of Uzbekistan

Project Coordinator:

Vladimir Krepl

Project Team:

Radomir Malis, Milos Horak and short-term experts

Partner(s) of the Project:

Faculty of Biology and Crop and Soil Sciences, Tashkent University, Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek Republic


Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2004 - 2006, project extended to 2007 - 2008


Aim of the Project:

The focus was on the development of small water treatment facilities infrastructure in Uzbekistan with the aim of improving water management and environmental protection. During the project implementation the facility demonstration and consequent negotiations with potential local buyers and partners for joint manufacturing company in Uzbekistan took place. The water treatment facility was installed in a chosen locality of Aral Sea. That will improve the supply of this environmentally endangered region with safe water.

Outputs of the Project:

Preparation and data processing of complex technological solution of water management for children hospital in NUKUS.

Work out a project in sanitarian and water-supply network including engineering legalization at the Tuberculosis elimination children hospital (sanatorium) in Nukusu.

Transport of the cleaning potable water technology to sanatorium in Nukusu from Czech Republic.

Negociations with heads of management, academic community and businessmen in the Khorezm region and Karakalpakstan.



Vladimir Krepl




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