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Sustainable Development in Phong My Commune

Target Country:

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Project Coordinator:

Jan Banout

Project Team:

Vladimir Verner, Bohdan Lojka, Jaroslav Havlik, Jana Lojkova, Zbynek Polesny, Olga Zarubova-Pffefermann, Petr Ehl

Partner(s) of the Project:

Centre for Rural Development in Central Vietnam (CRD)


Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Duration of the project:

2006 - 2009


Aim of the Project:

The overall objective of the project was the improvement of livelihoods of pure households in Phong My commune. The target of the project was improvement of homegardens, agroforestry practices, livestock breeds, implementation of intermediate (appropriate) technologies and capacity building for local stakeholders.

Outputs of the Project:

Ensuring a Sustainable Production of Good-quality Food

- Improvement of homegardens biodiversity
- Distribution of new livestock breeds in selected households
- Implementation of solar dryer for postharvest processing of local products
- Microbiological sampling of stored food in selected villages in Phong My commune

Water Access and Sanitary Equipment

- Building of irrigation channels to improve a rice production
- Building of local toilets and composting latrines

Capacity Building

- Rapid Rural Appraisal for problems identification in the target area
- Solar treatment of drinking water - workshop
- Principles of animal husbandry – workshop
- Principles of tree plantations in home gardens and agro forestry plots – workshop



Jan Banout




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